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Club Night August 20th 14

August 21, 2014

Pretty well a full house tonight ! Quality of music very high and a good eclectic mix. I began the evening,(the guest should never have to take the graveyard slot) with a self penned tune and a song. I squeezed out a short blues which was received with both aprehension and relief. You had to be there! Neil and slow hand entertained us with their usual alplomb. Electric Geoff was slinky, I always enjoy Nivram (Marvin) an old Shadows tune. Banjo Alex was at his best displaying his dogged competance and gave us a really good self penned tune. Jane was resting this week.


Club night 6th August 14

August 07, 2014

A tad toasty tonight but this didn't stop the music ! I kicked off the evening in the graveyard slot with a couple of new self penned numbers. Slow hand Steve follwed with a few kick arse songs driven by his guitar. Neil joined Steve and gave us some excellent songs with fine harmonies. Pam was up next, a Lime Meadow virgin and an Antipodean to boot. She sang and played some lovely songs., with a self penned protest song about enviromental destruction going down very well. She was ably accompanied by Stephan on banjo and Vicky ,( of Vicky and Aiden fame) on percussion. Right! off goes Pam and Stephan and on comes Aiden to join Vicky who gave us some lovely traditional music with Aiden's mandolin plaing some fiery reels. Vicky sang the anti war song 'Willy McBride" beautifully. Very topical at the moment.


Club Night 23 July 14

July 24, 2014

Another excellent club night despite the heat. Missed Neil tonight who is sunning his bum in Canada with Sandy. As usual no shortage of good music with a good number of self penned songs. I kicked the evening off and included a couple of my own songs.


Club night 9th July 14

July 10, 2014

Another quality night despite holidays and the World Cup. Execellent musicians and an atttentive and respectful audience, It's very difficult for players to perform to a background chatter. Neil and Chris came on in various guises as solo and a duo and we had another welcome visit from father and daughter duo Keith and Sarah who treated us to some neat picking from Keith enhanced by the dulcet tones of Sarah. They gave us the old folk club favourite Streets of London among others.


Club Night 25th June 14

June 26, 2014

Another warm and sultry night in that place known as Lime Meadow Acoustic Folk and Blues Club.