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Club Night 11/10/17

October 12, 2017

Welcome one and all to the blog. Usual format of the players and their songs. Starting the blog a little later as I had a nightmare last night it was the recurring image of Alex and Dave in hair and hats but also they had bright red lipstick, sooooo scary.


Club Night 27/9/17

September 28, 2017

Welcome as per, to the blog. Another hefty throng again and that's with a few regulars away. Here is a synopsis of the evening with me propping up the graveyard spot with a mildly raunchy Pamela Brown. It was downhill all the way after that.


Club Night 13/9/17

September 14, 2017

Welcome to the blog.


Club Night 30/8/17

August 31, 2017

As per , welcome to the blog. We had a bumper night, approaching 50 people including 16 musicians and Alex.


Club Night 16/8/17

August 17, 2017

Welcome one and all to the blog. Over 40 turned out last night with 16 acts and 21 players. As usual I will give a synopsis of people's songs.