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Club night 2/8/17

August 03, 2017

Welcome one and all to the blog. Good crowd tonight and 15 acts no less.As usual I'll give you a taste of the evening. Graveyard slot was down to me and Nick who supported me on "Girl from the North Country" with some tasty slide guitar.


Club Night 19/7/17

July 20, 2017

Welcome one and all to the blog. Slightly down on numbers this week but still plenty of performers, so here's an overview of the evening. We had three banjos and two ukes tonight !!


Club night 5/7/17

July 06, 2017

Welcome one and all to the blog. A warm but successfull night me thinks, though it was not an easy task fitting all our players in tonight. 15 in all no less. I must thank again those of you that played a song less for me. By doing so we managed to fit everybody in. Just. I'll just give a flavour of the evening as it will make the blog too lengthy.


Club Night 21st June 17

June 22, 2017

As per usual a humid welcome to the blog. A decent sized crowd considering the heat.We also had a fair frosting of players to boot. We mostly got four songs due to the speed of change over (thankyou) and playing good tight songs, again thank you. I won't list all the songs just the highlights as Vidal used to say. He sang in a barber shop quartet.


Club night 7th June 17

June 08, 2017

Hello all and welcome to the blog,