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Club Night 16/8/17

August 17, 2017

Welcome one and all to the blog. Over 40 turned out last night with 16 acts and 21 players. As usual I will give a synopsis of people's songs.

Diamond Neil was babysitting the graveyard slot tonight and paid a tribute to Glen Campbell with 'By the time I get to Phoenix'.

We had a Lime Meadow Virgin up next who gave us 'Funny How Love can be' supported by Diamond and myself.

The Silver Fox picked his way to glory and we had a lovely version of 'When you were sweet 16'. Can't remember that far back !!

John from Orpington Folk & Blues Club was with us again with some fine songs. Which included 'I am a pilgrim. nice to see you as a regular

On came Frank next, again from Orpington folk & blues club and brandishing the first steel guitar of the evening. He has a fine right hand style and makes his guitar really work. Welcome anytime Frank.

Vaiden and Icky plus a new gadget, kicked off with the moody 'Ride On' and gave us the customary jigs on banjo with pulsating percussion from Vicky.

On schelped Electric Graham with some fine playing, and a lovely version of Paul Weller's 'You do something to me' (never quite sure what she done to him).

On came our resident Tasty Trio in the shape of Keychange, Carole and Chris. We had a bit of Kinks, Carole sang us 'Girl Crush' and Keychange sang a Mavericks song with multiple keychanges that kept Carsick on his toes or is it fingers?

Geoff came and crooned for us with some lovely old melodies including 'Roses are Red and 'Crazy'. Got us all singing !!

Next up for it was another fine trio called Sunrise who housed another Lime Meadow Virgin, and gave us gentle harmonies and picking. We had 'Ghost Riders in the Sky' followed by half of 'Suzannne, followed by a  'St John's Ambulance moment. They later completed the set with the other half of Suzanne and 'Rivers of Babylon.

On came Nick the Slide with the second steel guitar of the evening played with feeling and a touch of class. We had our first self penned number 'Sunset Blues' of the evening and some tasty bottleneck to finish. Be good to see Nick and Frank collaborate a few tunes.

More self penned whimsical fayre from 'The Bard of Beddington himself, 'Up Yours Tony'. Plenty of pathos and Humour in Tony's sets and we had a belter called 'Victim support'.

GT Field was next under the limelight who dedicated his set to Glen Campbell. Worth mentioning the songs: Rhinestone Cowboy, Witchita Lineman and Adios. Sung to a tee as usual. A special mention of Tony's Usain Bolt moment in assisting a maiden in distress,

Here I came, nearly as far from the graveyard slot as you can get with among others a self penned two tune medley. GT enjoyed anyway.

On came our final act looking the same as S&M. Michelle as usual giving her all and Carsick playing some tasty guitar. They played some good old standards which included 'Ruby Tuesday' and 'My Baby cares for me, a good swampy sound !.

That was it ' Self penned songs by


Tony (up Yours)

Nick the Slide.

Please consider my request that anyone who can play another instrument please bring it up to the club. Be good to see hidden talents. That goes for self penned songs as well. Come on don't be shy !!

Any comments or corrections please feel free to add them at the end of the blog.

Thanks as usual to the helpers and Carsick for taking note of who sings what.

See you in two weeks

Colonel 7th