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Club Night 30/8/17

August 31, 2017

As per , welcome to the blog. We had a bumper night, approaching 50 people including 16 musicians and Alex.

It was really difficult to get everybody on and I thank those that gracefully accepted two songs. The logistics were: 9 minites per song , which includes getting on and off the stage, tuning up, getting miked up sorting out music stand, preamble before songs, changing instruments and delivering the songs. We thank all of you who help to make this as quick as possible. I also thank those who brought a second instument to play.

I kicked off in the graveyard slot with my newly acquired banjo and played a tune called 'Anita' followed by 'Only got eyes for me' with Nick the slide on harmonica.

Next we had Andy who played a few tunes on his electric guitar. Nice as Electric Graham was AWOL this week. (no note!)

On came Pam and Paul. Loved the red and blue glasses !! We had among others Devil and the deep blue sea and a song from Toy story no less. Not seen them for a while so it was good to see them back.

Banjo Alex was next along with keychange. We had , notibly a self penned song 'Sunshine Girl' from Alex and we had a 'capo moment' from Keychange which was much appreciated by the baying crowd,

Keychange stayed on and delivered 'Don't dream it's over' Nice one Dave as it's not easy to sing. Carole and Chris, our second husband and wife team tonight joined Keychange . Carole sang 'Whose gonna put the garbage out? Chris gave us excellent strict bass.

Vaiden and Icky were next under the Limelight. Vicky,in good voice with 'Willy McBride' as well as a few jigs and jeels. Need a whip round for new jeans for Vicky.

Geoff was next on to entertain us. Running Bear was one of the songs with suitable indian percussion and a double header which began and ended with 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' with 'Buddy can you spare me a dime'in the middle.

On came the Silver fox with a mandolin no less. and gave us a flash of 'Never on a Sunday' would like to have had some plates to throw !!. Don't think twice it's alright was another of Keith's set. Thanks for the Mandolin Keith !

Back in the fold came Ted and Anne with the usually eclectic lively fayre. One was called 'Crack the Whip' and another had a 'Maigretesque sound to it.

Nick the Slide was on next without slide I may add and Polly sang while Nick played. Crazy and Reason to believe was a belter and Polly went on to do her own set which included 'Slow Boat to China'

Next came the trio Sunrise who gave us 'Fernando, 'Catch the Wind (the digestion song) and Sound of Silence that I could actually hear.

Moving swiftly on we had GT Tony with his usual fayre of excellent songs. 'It's hard to be humble gave us a good laugh. I hadn't heard 'Saltwater' before but what a good song it was.

Good to see Hebie back, not quite with a Barry White voice but he's working on it, Herbie gave us 'Darling Companion' and the ever popular 'Me and Bobby McGee. See you soon Herbie !!

John was on next with a couple of quiet thoughtful songs. John, I didn''t catch the titles. Enjoyed the 12 string, don't see them enough.

Our penultimate act was Frank who played a tune called 'Bright Thursday' (dropped D tuning). Boy could Frank play, Loved it !! Julia joined Frank for the second song, 'Look what they've done to my song Ma' and got us all joining in.

Creeping up the rear so to speak came S&M with Bryan Adams's Heaven and finished with 'Before you accuse me'.

We had a flute, banjos x 3 two kazoos, two accordians, a mandolin, an organ, a ukelele and a bass ukelele, plenty of percussion, an acoustic bass, an electric guitar and about 15 acoustic guitars including a 12 string. Excellent.

Self penned club tonight was:


Banjo Alex

As usual thanks for helping us clear up. It was even more essential due to overrun. And a big thankyou to Ian the Bar Steward who let us go into extra time.

As usual thanks to Carsick for noting down the songs.

Please feel free to add songs you played that have been missed or correct any mistakes at the end of the blog. Please tell me I was better than Aidan on the Banjo !!

See you in two weeks

Banjo Chris