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Club Night 13/9/17

September 14, 2017

Welcome to the blog.

Another healthy crowd tonight with  musicians a plenty to entertain. A synopsis of the acts and songs goes as follows:

Diamond Neil kicked off in the graveyard slot with his guitarlele and a George Formby song 'Leaning on a Lampost'

I followed up and gave a DADGAD rendition of 'Peg and Awl'.

On came a Lime Meadow Virgin' Don. Got us singing along with 'Sloop John B and 'Glory of Love'. Good one Don . Hope to see you again.

On slung Up Yours Tony who gave us songs about weddings,Tinkers and wind.

Alex minus banjo sang about Lucille, one from Elvis and a tasty self penned song 'Yesterdays Dreams'

Keychange, Chris and Carole were next.  Need a name for the trio !! We had a nod to the demise of Don Williams as well as an excellent parody called 'Living next door to ALEX. Great lyrics I even got a mention at the end.

Frank went for it next and inclued a song with a lot of wine in the lyrics and a lovely 17th  Century instrumental (which we didn't sing along to).

Nick the slide smooched on with steel guitar and bottleneck. We had a couple of tasty instumentals plus 'Poor Boy'. All good stuff.

We had the return of Sunrise (trio) who's set included Homeward Bound,  and 'Leaves thart are Green' (not the actual title).

A singsong was on the horizon when Geoff turned up and included 'Early Morning Rain and 'Side by Side, Great stuff Geoff.

Further up the batting order than usual came our very own Golden Tonsils who had an aquatic theme this evening which include the quirky Louden Wainright, one written by  CD Anne (Sumner) and 'By the Sea'(La Mer). Loved the chords.

On came Polly who looked like she was on the way to the office with a new briefcase. It was an Autoharp no less and what a great sound it had. Polly gave us three singalongs which a few of the guitarists joned in with. Clemantine and 'Skip to my Loo' were sung with gusto.

Again, further up  the batting order came S&M with their usual brand of quality songs which included, Kiss me Honey and, 'My Baby just cares for me'

On came the welcome return of Rory who's first song, self penned called 'Johnny why did you go? was an absolute belter. Could easly get a name to sing this !!

On came Jean, accompanied by Frank and gave us 'Send in the Clowns' 'and 'One fine Day'  by the Chiffons.

Last but certainly not least came Stefan armed with his banjo and fine songs. Where does an old river man go? was excellent.

Well, we got everybody on by the skin of our teeth. Hope I didn't miss anybody. Chastise me at the end of the blog if I did.Thanks to everyone for moving things along. Thanks as usual to the helpers and Carsick for taken down the order of play.

We had six members of the self penned club tonight !! a record me thinks.

Tony (up yours)


Keychange (lyrics)




I took the newly instated  ET award (Extensive Tuning)

Don't forget the Concert on November 10th

Four Coats Colder are the band and it is free yes free to regular members and a mere 2 quid for anyone else.

See you in 2 weeks