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Club Night 25th October 17

October 26, 2017

Welcome one and all to the slightly tardy blog. A relaxed evening I felt, some good music and excellent musicians. Carsick and Michelle still poorly, hope to see them next club night.

Here's a glimpse of our evening:

It was me in the graveyard slot with a folksy offering of 'When will I be loved'. The bar had been set high !!!

On came a new 'act' in the shape of Alex and Aiden, (The Banjo Brothers') who gave us banjo driven songs loike 'Oh Sunannah and of course Duelling Banjos'. Good set lads, more to come I hope.

Up came the Silver Fox who picked his way through a bit of Bruce Springsteen and a tast instrumental 'Blind Blake's Rag. Played better at home Keith informed us.

The shy man of Lime Meadow looking like our Eddie was next. He was looking for a good banjo player to help with 'Spansle Hill' but in the end Aiden got up and assisted.

Keychange was next up for it with Carol and Chris completing the trio. I enjoyed Tenesee Whiskey, and we also had 'Things' to sing along to . I have decreed Keychange was given the ET (excessive tuning') award.

Up Yours Tony was back in the fold with two new songs one was about a love rat, not autobiographical he tellls us. I joined him in a rendering of 'Michael Turner's Waltz'. I was better than Tony.

Good to get a visit from Les the Eagle with his wonderfull picking style, songs with pathos,and dodgy jokes.Last song was in DADGAD tuning which is close to my heart. Excellent !!

A long awaited visit from CD Anne with a new song 'Win or Lose' and her excellent 'Solid Ground'. Good set Anne, don't leave it so long.

Up came Stefan who gave us some great banjo tunes with a little history as well. Elk River Blues was a belter.

Paul was back with us and gave us an eclectic mix, which included a new Sparks song and Loving You.

Tony (GT) compled the artiste's list with a cracking rendering of 'New World in the morning. We had a cockney impression, a bit of Gordon Lightfoot and a bit of falsetto thrown in for good measure.

Self Penners tonight were:

Up Yours Tony

CD Anne

As usual thanks to all the helpers and don't forget the November 10th concert !!

Ruskin House also have a Leonard Cohen tribute evening on November 12th.

See you in two weeks