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Concert Night 100/11/17

November 11, 2017

What a good night. People attending commented on a good balance of music between Two Coats Colder and Sally Ironmonger and Brian. TCC were a polished folk band with solid musicians, great songs and good tales to tell. They began and finished the evening with Sally and partner wedged nicely in the middle.

Sally writes some very good songs and his well regarded in the folk world for doing so. Her songs are full of humour and pathos and more than abley supported on guitar Brian by who also helps write the tunes. He would be an evenings entertainment by himself.

Both acts had chorus songs and it gave me a warm glow to hear everyone joining in.

The sound as usual was down to Neil and was top notch,a dodgy sound system can really shaft a good evenings entertainment. I'm about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike when it comes to sound systems.

Both acts were awash with self penned songs.

We tried to do something different for this concert night and hope we got it right.

Constructive feedback would be welcome.

Thanks for coming, see you next club night.