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Club Night 6th December 17

December 07, 2017

Welcome as per to the blog. Another good night with a more than healthy crowd, in numbers that is. There were a few crock voices tonight and alas GT was unable to sing on his birthday.Here's a synopsis of the evening's fayre,

Neil was in the graveyard slot this evening and got us all singing  staight away with 'Streets of London'.

We had Frank next, much earlier than usual as Frank usually ends up at the arse end of the evening. Frank showed us his song writing skills, With 'Walking with Nicola' and 'This is not my room'. Good stuff Frank !!

Herbie was back in the fold and we had a bit of 'The Band, Lovin' Spoonful and Paul Robeson no less with 'Lonley Road'. Smooth and seamless as usual. Don't leave it so long Herbie!!

Sunrise minus one were with us  again and sang a haunting 'Catch the Wind' (a bowel complaint I'm told) and we had a very nice instrumental with 'Desperado'.

A Lime Meadow Virgin in the shape of Ian who gave us a couple of sel penned songs, I'm getting old and 60years. Excellent songs Ian and well delivered. Come again soon.

Alex nipped up on stage for a quickie, (song that is) as he had a dodgy throat and sang us 'Tell Me'.

Aidan and Vicky changed the proceedngs with Galway Girl, Carrick Fergus and an assortment of reels, jigs and Hornpipes. An unfortunate lack of bickering was noticed.

Up jumped Electric Graham with a helping of Golden Slumbers and a song I hadn't heard but enjoyed ,Cheryl and I together'. Nice selection Graham.

On came Keychange and gave us 'Could it be forever' and was then joined by Carole who sang another song (really well) that I hadn't heard but enjoyed, 'Stripes' Keychange finished with 'Sunday Morning Sidewalk' Chris supported admirably on bass.

Nick the slide with his very effective Twelvie and gave us 'Reason to believe' and a moody 'Shady Grove'.The twelvie really gives it the edge.

Geoff plus improving knee gave us 'Well',Well, Well a song about three holes in the ground and got us all singing as usual with 'I'll never find another Ewe' (The sheep song)

The Silver Fox was back in the fold and sang about 'Gypsy Sally and Autumn Leaves and also slipped a keychange into the proceedings.

Don themed his set with a nod to the Kinks including Days and Sunny Afternoon. Another good sing song ensued.

Up sprang S&M with their usual brand of tasty guitar and smokey vocals, with Minnie the Mootcher and Just the way you are' featuring in the set..

Our penultimate act was in the form of 'Up Yours Tony' with a seasonal flavour to his offerings' We had a song about Christmas Day and a curmudgeonly , 'Xmas bloody xmas..

Bringing up the rear, so to speak was Paul plus nylon guitar who gave us a couple of songs from the 50's, 'Wake up Little Suzy' and 'That'll be the day', which again got us all singing. Thanks for that Paul.

We finished singing 'Happy Birthday to Tony (GT)

Well that was it. A tight squeeze to get everybody in. Thanks to Nick and Keith for keeping their sets tight.

Self Penned Club tonight were:




See you all in two weeks and remember; you only have once to make a first impression.