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Club Night 20/12/17

December 21, 2017

Welcome one  and all to the blog. Our last club night this year and what a good night. Nearly 50 souls turned out to hear some seasonal stuff to sing along to as well as some other Gems.

My turn in the Graveyard Slot and gave you 'In Brooklyn' and was ably followed by a Lime Meadow Virgin in the shape of Pete who gave us 'Hesitation Blues' and the very tricky 52 Vincent which Pete pulled off nicely. Hope to  see you again Pete.

The Silver Fox slunk on and gave us a pugilistic offering that was the 'Boxer' with plenty of ersatz  cymbal crashing from the crowd followed by  a bit of Beatles and a carol (not Welsh)

Nigel was with us again with 'Bye Bye Love ,a bit of the Big O and a tad of Tom Jones.

Nick the Slide plus a welcome return of Miss Hellen sang us a bell song, White Christmas and a bit of Slade to get us all singing.

Up Yours Tony gave us 'A Meercat is not just for xmas, a Fireside song and I joined Tony for Michael Hanley's Waltz.

Up came Vicky and Aidan with a cameo appearance of Banjo Alex. We had some Greg Lake, Mud, and a fairy tale, all good festive stuff. Alex finished with a song on his own. Sorry Alex I forgot the title.

Two Welshfolk and Englishman toting guitars and wonderfully daft hats were next up for it. Among the set we had 'Girl Crush' nicely sung by Carole and 'Blue Christmas' by Keychange. Good set as usual.

GT ws next with a lovely choice of songs which included a Jools Holland self penner, a song mysteriously called 'Wall' and ' What a Wonderful time of the Year'. Sung to a tee of course.

Up next was Paul avoiding the 'Arse End ' of the evening  chose three festive ditties. Holy Night, and for contrast 'Heres to you Merry Christmas by Slade.

It was acoustic Graham tonight with a trusty Geoff by his side with further festive offerings which included Power of Love and Santa Claus is coming to Town.

Geoff came back for his own spot and gave us Old Shep (not Down Shep!) we had a bit of Cliff and Silent Night.

Next up was Stefan who sang his usual blend of thoughtful songs but opened with 'Down by the Riverside' a song about Granny nicely played on the 12 string and sad song called 'Sun's coming over the Hill.

Last and certainly not least came Eddy with some catchy songs ie My Blue Heaven and 'Winter wonderland and some sneaky little guitar riffs.

Only one self Penner tonight who was Up Yours

Well that was it for 2017. Thank you all for turning up over the year as we would be silly being there on our  own. Thanks to Sandy on knobs and all of you that have helped to clear away, it really does help, especially if we go slightly over time.

We are back for more on January 3rd 2018 so hope to see you all in fine fettle.

Merry Christmas