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Club Night 17/1/18

January 18, 2018

Welcome one and all. A really busy night  over 40 people no less and 19 musicians. It was difficult to fit everybody in despite starting early. Everybody got a play at least. I would really like to thank those that offerred to play fewer songs and allow others to play at least one. Thanks as well to those who thoughtfully selected short songs. Here is a selection of the players and there songs.

I kicked off with Scarlet town  and was followed by Paul who gave us an eclectic mix with an instrumental,a song and 'Blue Moon on his trumpet.

It was Nylon Nick on next with three, crafted self penned instrumentals on his lovely guitar. Nick noticed that the first three musicians had played  nylon strung guitars, there was a fourth to come later on,

Aidan and Vicky were up next with a few jigs and as well as a lovely Eric Bogle song 'Now I'm Easy' All good stuff.

Herbie came on with another impressive guitar he had dusted down and plugged it in to his own Vox amp. Great sound !! Herbie included 'Love Hurts' and 'Substitute' a song about footballers on the bench I think.

GT was next to nearly recover from a cold. Great songs as usual icluding 'Buy me a rose, followed by Red rose cafe for Diane as it was her birthday .

Our resident trio were next and not a keychange in sight, Might have been a capo though. A good and varied set which included a duet with Carole called 'Baby Ride Easy'. They finished with a rocker ,Mustang Sally' with Carsick in support. Excellent.

Ted and Anne threw  themselves into the mix with their foot tapping tunes on accordian and flute. They gave us a few reels and ;I'll Tell me Ma'.

Geoff plus knee on the mend was up there with his usual selection of warm hearted songs which included 'Snowbird and 'You were always on my mind'.

CD Anne was next with her moody well structured songs which included the beautiful 'Solid Ground' She was joined by Aidan and Vicky for her last song which is from her new CD released on Feb 4th. Some very tasty and tuneful mandolin from Aidan.

Alex was next up for it with his distinctive precision style on the guitar. Got us all going with Kenny Roger's Lucille.

Don was back with us and gave one of his own called New Years Resolution and it was a gem. We also had 'Sweet Georgia Brown played as an instrumental.

It was Electric Graham tonight who gave us a nostalgic 'Man of the World' and 'For your Babies', a song I didn't know.

On prowled the Silver Fox and entertained us as usual with his selection of songs. Tonight we had, 'Sunday Morning Sidewalk and 'My Sweet Lady'.

Good to see Michelle and Steve back in the groove who gave us 'Don't know Why' and 'Always a woman to me'.

Stefan was next as the penultimate act and gave a song called 'Stand to Attention' played in Stefan's quiet and thoughtful style.

Coming up the rear so to speak was the Bard of Beddington' with a song called 'Old Bike' not about an old girlfriend I was informed. This was the fourth Nylon string of the evening.

Well, that was the line up, heard a number of comments about the quality of the music tonight.

The self penned club tonight were:

Nick the Slide(Nylon)

CD Anne


Up Yours Tony

Thanks again to those whose sets were curtailed, we will make it up, promise.

See you all in 2 weeks and remember the different club night dates next month : Next three club nights are:

31st January, 7th February and 28th February