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Club Night 31/1/18

February 01, 2018

Welcome again one and all to the blog.

A more relaxed feel to the evening with 10 players on the menu as opposed to the 17 last club night !! It's always good to see plenty of players but it does get a tad frantic getting everybody on.

Here's a synopsis of the fayre on show.

I slipped into the graveyard slot again this week as Diamond Neil was a bit Shetland pony (a little Hoarse) get it ? I gave you 'Everyday'

A &V were next and went naked, as in, they had no words in front of them, and very good it was too. I always feel you connect with the audience much better without a music stand in front of you. They were getting it right for CD Annne's CD launch at the Oval Pub in Croydon. We had the lovely 'Steal Away' and From Clare to here and a Hornpipe. Was it called a Hornpipe because pipes used to made of horn. Just a thought.

Geoff was next and gave us a bit of Elvis and a song in Maori and English, a first at Lime Meadow me thinks.

Sunrise crept over the horizon and gave us 'Lying' Eyes' and weren't aware why there was cheering in the audience, Scarborough Fair was also on the menu.

The Bard from Beddington gave us songs about trees and time and I joined Tony and played Rob and Lesley's Waltz'.

DCC as opposed to 10 CC were next under the lime light with 'Good hearted woman, Sweet Caroline (some nice guitar from Dave). Alex joined them for guess what ? You've got it , 'Lying Eyes' Alex stayed on and sang (eventually) 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain'.

Paul was was up next and gave a very moody sombre set which included 'Closest thing to Crazy' and 'If Loving you is wrong'

Stefan stepped up with his Cittern and gave us songs about Plastic Pies, Valeries Dance and a poem about a Dachaund not being able to climb stairs with an erection. Loved it!!

GT was next and back in fine fettle and had September as his theme tonight with: Might as well rain untill September, Try to remember and Wake me Up. What will next weeks theme be I wonder ?

We all got another song each and we cruised to the end of the evening nicely on time.

Only one member of the Self Penned Club tonight which was:

The Bard of Beddington

Thanks again for all the help and don't forget: