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Club Night 14/3/18

March 15, 2018

Welcome one and all to the blog. Good to see so many back after the inclement weather. About 40 of us in fact with 18 acts no less. Here's a synopsis of the evening.

I was in the graveyard slot with 'Girl from the North Country followed by Ted who is fast becoming a regular with his very individual delivery. Didn't catch the names of his songs  but they were good.

Eddie was with us this evening and gave us 'Norah' which I always thought it was called Maggie. Was told the Dubliners changed it, not sure way. Answers on a Postcard please.

Good to see Ted and Anne with a guitar involved making a trio. We had 'Good to see you' and 'Harpers Frolic'. Foot tapping throught obligitory.

Sunrise were back with us and Gave us 'Sound of Silence'. 'Hello darkness my old friend, I've walked into the door again'. They also gave us a Donavan war song.

On schelped Vicky and Aiden with Aiden sporting a his new instrument. He told us it was half Mandola and half Mandolin, which made it a Half Nelson !! They played or should I say practiced 'Song for Ireland' and a few reels, or maybe it was jigs.The new Mandolin was wonderful and worth every penny of the £45 paid.

On came Golden Tonsils and played us The lyrics of Pinball Wizard to the tune of 'Jackson'. Worked a treat !!. We then all sang along to Green Green Grass of home..

DCC were next and and gave us 'Inspite of Ourselves' a song with a nice guitar introduction from Dave and saucy lyrics, what a good combination !. They were joined by Alex and Trevor and gave us a wonderful Wall of Acoustic guitar sound with the snappy 'End of the Line'

Alex stayed on and gave  a little song called 'Perfect', and it was.

Geoff was next up for it and gave us 'Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone' and a song with a Spanish title. Geoff has recorded three albums in the past. Kept that quiet didn't he. That makes three recording artists at Lime Meadow with GT and CD Anne being the other two. Or are their others ??

Good to see S&M backin the fold. 'My baby don't care for me sung Michelles smokey voice 'Love you just the way you are' with some tasty chords from Steve.

Don was with us and gave is 'Everbody's Talkin and got us all singing with King of the Road, Carsick joined him. Very special sound from Don's venerable guitar.

Trevor came back and gave a tasty rendition of Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads'. Nicely played. Do a few more next time Trev. More blues at the club I say.

Electric Graham was next in the crease and gave us 'Babylon and a Harry Chapin song. Both nicely delivered as usual.

Our boy from the North in the shape of Stefan was here and gave us Goodbye and 'Eye Special Eyes'. Only jesting it was called 'I Specialise' and very good it was too.

On came the Bard of Beddington with his own special brand of songs and gave a song about speed dating and another about Gloria.

Paul was next up for it and and got us all singing to 'Knock three times' and a moody version of 'Id rather go blind. Good stuff.

We then had another round and all played another song with Diamond Neil and Carsickk fnishing off with the Goodbyeeee song which they haven't played for some while

A great evening i feel. Ted and Anne told us about Brooks Williams playing at their club on 31st May. The club being Orpington Folk Club at the Change of Horses Farnborough. Tickets £6 and £7 on the night. Neil and I have got ours already.

Self penners tonight were:

Up your Tony

Don. ('Sleepy Jack', it was lovely)


See you in two weeks.