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Club Night 28/3/18

March 29, 2018

Welcome to the Blog. Over 40 people tonight a 16 performers. It went to the wire fitting everybody in. Here's a synopsis of the evening.

Neil occupied the graveyard slot tonight and gave us the old standard 'Walking my baby back home' and was followed by Charlie who gave us a bit of Dylan and Oasis and a joint self penned number called 7 Acre Mill. Charlie was accompanied on Harmonica and Lime Meadow Virgin Ron who  then gave us an instrumental version of 'Hotel California'  with guitar and Harmonica' followed by the enigmatically titled 'I don't like half the people I love'. Come back soon Ron !!

The Silver Fox returns !! Keith gave us 'Dimming of the Day and of course a Ralph McTell favourite 'Streets of London'. Which is a song about London streets. Picked to perfection.

Aidan minus Vicky was here plus new instrument. We had some slow reels, a Lovers Wreck and a Slip Jigg that finished with a lovely chord a tad delayed.

The Trio that is Sunrise entertained us next and treated us to some lovely songs and harmonies which included another version of 'Hotel California' Nice bongos in the set too!!

Up sprung Eddie and got us all song in a set that included 'Leaving of Liverpool and Red Rose Cafe. Nice one Eddie !!

Stefan was next and we had his usual mix of songs that have a historical perspective often sad and with lashings of pathos. We had songs about immigrants, Addy Bell and a Gypsy.

Don plus tasty sounding guitar responded to my request for more blues. We had 'Never Happen no more'. Neil Young's Cripple Creek Ferry was and took me back to the day. Meet me on the corner rounded the set off nicely.

Nick the slide also played  the blues with some tasty slide, 'Poor boy was excellent as was 'Keep your lamp trimmed and burning (or you will get on my wick!). Loved 'Swamp Dog Blues as well and hadn't heard it before.

GT was next and was yellow carded for the Eirland in the Sun gag. Song was good though. The tropical theme continued, (loves a theme does GT) with 'Scarlet Ribbons and  (Little Girl from Kinston Town). Don't think i got the title right for the last one. Tony played a brand new Fender Electro Acoustic guitar which he tells me is for sale at a modest £100 !!

The Kiwi Crooner (Geoff) was ready and waiting to entertain us and gave us an interesting story to his first song 'My Happiness by Elvis. We also had Blue Velvet and 'What in the world's come over you'.

Next was our first nylon guitarist of the evening in the shape of Paul who included Until it's time for you to go and 'Locked out of heaven' in his set. Paul's songs always come with lashings of Wellie.

Now for something completley different we had the Bard of Beddington who sang about the dangers of picking your nose and a lady in an allotment. All good stuff.

George finished the evening with some good guitar playing and the Irish Rover. Nice one George . It's been a while since we have seen you.

Dean should have finished the evening but alas had to leave before he got on.

Self Penners tonight were:


Bard of Beddington

Neil  and I are looking at future concerts but quality dosen't come cheap. I saw an excellent trio  which includied Ric saunders (Fairport Convention) and they were wanting 800 notes plus expenses no less. If we want to keep our ticket prices cheap we alas can't afford that sort of quality. We keep looking.

Thanks for the help in packing up it really helps !!

See you in two weeks