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Club Night 11/4/18

April 12, 2018

Welcome to the blog. Numbers remain good, over 40 last night with 21 musicians and a good eclectic mix of music. as usual. Here is a synopsis of the evenings entertainment.

I was in the graveyard slot tonight and kicked off the proceedings with Dylan's 'If not for you' on my Baritone guitar.

Rory followed and brought his electric guitar along and gave us the delightfully titled 'Thankyou Keith and Irene', which Rory wrote for friends. (Cheaper than a card I suppose). We also had 'Beyond Wonderful'.

Further up the order of play than usual was the Bard of Beddington, Who sang about a gardener, Someone like you and a night in with Marie. All good stuff!

On bounced Eddie with his trusty very red guitar and Mandolin and sang about Kansas City, (ably supported by Carsick on keyboards), the Sunny side of the street and 'reeled' off a few reels.

Aidan and Vicky told us about the Ragalan Road rattled off 3 reels and Vicky sang 'Now I'm Easy ,not autobiographical I was informed.

Sunrise were next plus a bongo player and amongst their fayre was 'Kathy's Song and Ghost riders in the sky. Sound effects supplied by Diamond Neil.

It was our Stefan next, plus his tasty mellifluous sounding cittern. We had a song about another man's wife and the enigmatic 'Kid Canute'.

DCC were DC tonight with Chris the bass having the night off. Dave started with his trusty ukelele with Carole singing Dream a little dream of me' (Ella Fitzgerald and Mama Cass). We also had a good sing to 'The night they drove old Dixie Down'. Are you a Band fan of the song or Joan Baez ?

Les the Eagle was next up for it and picked his way through some thoughtful songs dripping with pathos. 'Knife, and' Love will tear us apart' where two of them.

Geoff was next and sang about a Devil woman and Harbour Lights and was joined by his 'colleague' Banjo Alex without Banjo and sang 'Words' by the Bee Gees.

Tony (GT) was next in the limelight and again was on a theme. We had Rose in Paradise, 18 Yellow Roses and Sweet Gypsy Rose. I missed what the theme was.

Steve and Michelle took to the stage and bopped there way through Almaz and a tasty Clapton song 'Before you accuse me' well delivered my Michelle.

Our penultimate songster was Trevor, who gave us 'Melting time' (might have got the title wrong here) and 'Fire and Rain', some lovely guitar  playing by Rory.

Last but not least was Paul plus a backing tape with a Gremlin who was blowing his own trumpet with 'What a Wonderful World'. Time was our enemy so Paul didn't get his theme completed of one 1, 2 and 3 in the chart at that time. He finished with a tonsil straining Delilah and we all gave it some at the appropriate junctures.

Well that was it, we had two self Penners:

The Bard


Instuments played were: Guitar:(acoustic, nylon and steel string,Cittern Mouth organ, Bodhran, keyboard, trumpet and bongos.

Thanks to the helpers as ever !!

See you in two weeks