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Club Night 10/5/18

May 11, 2018

Welcome one and all to the blog. Some exceptionally good music tonight with 13 acts on show.There was less of a rush and three songs were  the order of the day.

The Graveyard slot was mine and I played a couple of tunes that turn up every now and then namely 'Knob and Bollockshire and 'Seyfi'.

Welome back to Nick the slide (Grandpa Howe) and he got straight back into the groove with 'Come into my Kitchen' and other cracking blues material.

Lime Meadow virgins in the shape of the 'Gillies' were next and gave us some excellent self penned material. 'Red Lodge Cafe, 'Walls' and Adam and Eve were the songs. Lovely guitar style as well.

Duncan was next and sang us 'Memory Lane' with guitar back up by Paul. A good song and well sung.

Paul the Trumpet stayed on and we had a Eurovision theme, with 'Waterloo', Power to all our friends and 'Congratulations' . The was another competition to rival this, it was to see who had the best thong. It was called the Eurovision 'Thong' contest.

A warm welcome back to Polly armed with her most excellent Autoharp and voice. She sang 'He stilll thinks I care' 'Come all ye tender ladies' and 'Waltz'.

Next we had 'Pluto Swint's Rubbber Band no less which tonight consisted of  Dave, Chris Carole and Trevor. They kicked off with 'Kitty Wells' on to Back to the wild side of life and finished with 'Handle me with Care which sounded excellent matching their previous Travelling Wilbury's Song.

Don was next with his usual well chosen songs. We had 'I think I just fell in love with you' by Tom Waites. I hadn't heard this song before but loved it. Not sure if I've got the title right. Following that came ,'Where did you get your liquor from and the 'Moondance'

Ted and Anne romped on with  a Whaling Song, Sally Gardens, and a Hornpipe with Accordians blaring and the flute fluting ??. All good foot tapping stuff.

The Bard from Beddington was next who is now a published author. His new book is called 'Quirks and Irks' and can be obtained from Amazon and can be downloaded for free over the next few days. He writes under the name of 'The Modern Folk Poet'. He would be gratefull for your reviews as well. Tony gave us songs about 'Audrey, A Recidivist and Stateley Homes.

Aidan minus Vicky was next up for it who sang us 'England's Motorways plus a tasty selection of reels on his tasty mandolin.

The Silver Fox gave us a lesson on how to play Ralph McTell songs. Some particlarly tricky picking tonight. I was so transfixed I only wrote down the 'Hiring Fair'. Please put them on the bottom of the blog or I'm sure Dave will have them on Facebook along with the videos.

GT was next up for with 'Write this Down' 'I Cross my Heart and 'I just want to dance with you'. As usual everybody joined in, Excellent.

Electric Graham was next and we had a bit of Coldplay XTC and the Bee Gees  an eclectic mix as usual from Graham.

Diamond Neil finished off the evening with Don Partridges's 'Rosie' which is also the name of my Jack Russell no less.

Self Penners tonight were:

The Modern Folk Poet


The Gillies


Thanks all for coming and see you in two weeks.