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Club Night 6/6/18

June 07, 2018

Welcome to the blog.

A good crowd tonight, perhaps a tad light but the quality was good. Here is a flavour of what was on offer.

I was in the graveyard slot tonight and played a Stefan Grossman song called 'Promised Land'. He's an excellent blues performer taught by the great Bluesmen.

GT followed my offering and had a tenuous theme of films tonight. We had 'Till there was you, from the 'Music Man. The main song from 'High Noon and 'What where you thinking of'', I didn't catch the film but what was of note that GT wrote the middle eight no less as the song was too short he felt.

Our resident author was next, in the guise of 'The Bard of Beddington, The Modern Folk Poet or simply up yours !He sang about Lonley cowboys, a belly dancer and Linda.

 The silver Fox was with  us and performed a Ralphless set. We had a John Denver son with an unexpected keychange,  'Milk and Honey' and the excellent 'Pancho and Lefty' All tastily picked.

Herbie was with us tonight minus battery in his guitar.We had some Stones, some Neil Diamond and 'He'll have to go' all delivered in Herbie's relaxed and efficient style

On came Pluto Swint's Rubber Band, which consisted tonight of Dave, Trevor, Chris the Bass and Banjoless Alex. Handle me with Care was a treat and mentioned before the band lends itself welll to The Willbury's type songs. We also had Margeritaville , a great standard and the most wonderful 'Lying Eyes'. Hope Don was listening !!

Electric Graham was up for it as usual and gave us he Door's 'Light my Fire' followed by 'You are so beautiful' and finished with the slightly edgy 'Mac the Knife'. How long can he keep up not playing the same song. An amazing feat so far.

On schlepped Don or Dr Death as he is now known. He began with a tast version of 'Hesitation Blues' I first heard the song performed by Ralph McTell no less. We then had the tuneful 'Worring Kind' followed by a song outlining Don's pre-occupation with death (according to his son) cheerfully called 'My Days are numbered'

Geoff had to follow the second  graveyard slot of the night and sang the antithesis to death with a love song 'Can you feel the love tonight?'. We had a joke and a Gerry Marsden song Don't let the sun catch you crying.

On came Paul the Trumpet to finish off the first half. We had a song about number one, Ashes and our first football song at Lime Meadow all delivered in Paul's lively and a little cheeky style.

Everybody gave us another song and we finished right on time with Paul singing 'Children of the Revolution'.

Self Penners tonight were:

Tony (up yours)


Tony (GT) with a middle eight

Thanks for turnnig up and the usual help.

Diamond Neil and I will be up the club 8 to 8.30ish next Wednesday 13th if you want come up and perhaps chat to someone at the club you've seen play but not spoken to before. If popular we'll do it again.