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Club Night 20/6/18

June 22, 2018

Welcome to the blog. Sorry for the delay as I had a few cattle to deal with on my ranch in Penge.

Good turn out, plenty of musicians eager to ply their trade with an eager listening audience. Here is a flavour of the evening

I kicked off in the graveyard slot with an instumental called '35b' followed by the ever effervescent Eddie who included 'Hallelujah I love her so and a few jigs ably backed by Aidan.

Don was up next with measured and most excellent playing with tasty open tunings. A Vision was a cracker a must for Don's first album. Whistling Blues was anotherr good tune, played in open D with the high E tuned B. Great stuff.

Ted and Anne were with us again  and stormed into a song about Lilting fishermen (first of the evening) and if there was a need for a song about Transvestites T&A gave us one.

Up slipped the Silver Fox and played the passport to folk club tune and guitar shop fave 'Anji'. We had a bit of Dylan and Paul Simon to follow all lovely and delicate. Bit like myself really.

We then filled the stage with Pluto Swint's Rubber Band. Again producing a very good sound. We had a bit of Van with a bass solo (got be a Lime Meadow first). Copperhead Road was a stand out tune with excellent syncopation, They rounded off with a bit of Poco (not a euphemism)

GT was next up for it and had a folk song theme. Song for a Winters night was the first, followed by 'Fields of Athernry (spelling?) and got us all singing again with 'I'll be your baby tonight.

Aiidan and Vicky were with us and started with Drumelman,( beat me round the private parts with a rolled up newspaper if I've got that all wrong).A few slides were slipped in as well as 'I'll never tire of the road' . It would have been tyre if I'd written it. I'm always nervous here as Vicky checks the grammar and spelling and marks it.

Three Lime Meadow Virgins appeared before us not as individuals, of course but as the entity of Em 'n' Them. We had 'After the Gold Rush' ( not sung enough at folk clubs) the jaunty ''Perfect' and the ever faithful 'Country Roads'. all sung with relish and lovely harmonies.

Jean was next and was ably backed by the fretboard wizard Frank. Jean sang us the moody 'Cry me a River'and 'Wild Horses' and was folllowed by a solo set by Frank who played us 'I wish I could be (Theme from film night). We then had a virtuoso medley of Paint it Black and Classical Gas.

Up came a dynamic duo in the disguise of Geoff and Eddie who smoothed their way through Moon River a bit of Eagles and your Cheatin' heart. Good stuff lads.

The Bard of Bedington was next and gave us the 'Invisible Man' (sad) and 'Aunty Nora' presented with his usual crafty observations of us humans.

Paul was with us and gave us' Live till I Die and the wonderful 'Making Whoopee' (Great Song). Always an energetic offering from Paul.

Electric Graham was the penultimate act and sweetly sang 'Babylon' and 'Breakaway.' Are you a Gallagher and Lyle or Art fan of the song? Art Garfunkel for me.

Last and most certainly not least we has a Lime Meadow Virgin, Ross, a most wonderful Bluesman all 6 foot four of him, Time was against us so Ross could only give us two songs, a one of his own 'Melting Pot Blues' and Hallelujah I love her so'. A great player and hope he can come and play for longer next time.

The self penners were:




The Bard of Beddington


A great evening of music. Sorry for the shortened sets and thanks to those who kept their songs short, it helps us get people on at the end.

We ran over time so the help at the end was even more welcome,

See you in two weeks.