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August 30, 2018

Welcome to the blog. It's good to be back in the fold. A good crowd showed up and 16 acts played comprising of 25 people. Here's a synopsis of who played what. As mentioned before, Dave puts up excellent videos on Facebook of the evening.

I settled comfortably into the graveyard slot with an amazing display of guitar wizadry and vocal purity with 'Lord Franklin'

A Lime Meadow Virgin hailing from Wallington and responding to the name of Tim gave us a slice of Bread, a bit of Hendrix and 'Maneater'. Good debut Tim !

Don was next with his usual excellent eclectic mix including 'The cat came back' and 'The two of us'.

Geoff was with us next and sang the evocative 'High Noon' and as Time Goes by. All sensitively crooned.

Pluto Swint's Rubber Band' filled the stage with instruments, and melodies.Brown Eyed Girl, Margeritaville, with Walk the Line and Ring of fire disguised as one song. Excellent sound.

The Silver Fox picked his way through his set which included 'Street of London and 1967. Engaging style as usual.

Les the Eagle, anothe fine picker and singer of songs with lashings of pathos. They included a War Song and' You've got Gold'. Nice shirt as usual Les.

Electric Graham, another proponent of the eclectic mix, gave us 'Love is all around' and the seriously singalong 'Daydream Believer'. The crowd were up for it with strident community singing.

Next we had Rory and Sue. Sue was a Lime Meadow Vigin and impressed us with a sizable keyboard. We had three good songs of Rory's own making.

Cherry Jam were next a four piece with three Lime Meadow Virgins plenty of good music and Sax appeal.Songs included 'Women be Wise and a bit of Norah Jones

GT was next and sang an excellent 'Mary Ellen Carter',Buy me a Rose' and an excellent merging of Folsam Prison blues and Pinball Wizard.

Eddie plus guitar shirt were next up and he had another crack at 'Red Rose Cafe' and a very Irish song that included the name 'Paddy' but I didn't get the title. All good fun !!

Stefan was next with a couple of songs which were 'I'll never leave you' and my favourite Jake Thackery song 'Sister Josephine'.

Paul was next with a couple, along with his Michael Jackson t shirt and sang 'What's going on and We've got a good thing going'

The Bard of Beddington slipped in a song about Ladies and Leotards and the evening was rounded off by yet another Lime Meadow Virgin in the shape of John who sang 'Nobody Loves you when you're down and out' and 'Bad Moon Rising'

Well, that was it. Sorry to those with a reduced set but time beat us.

We had six Lime Meadow Virgins tonight !!

Self Penners were:


The Bard

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See you all in two weeks