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Club Night 7/11/18

November 08, 2018

Welcome one and all to the blog. Over 40 turned up for a good night for music. Here's a synopsis of what went on. For a fuller account look at Dave's videos of the evening on the website.

Diamond Neil should have been in te Graveyard slot tonight but he weas a 'Bit Shetland Pony' (a little horse) so i stepped into the breach and played 'I get a kick out of you' and took the brunt of a few gremlins in the sound system.

Geoff was with us an we enjoyed his version of let it be me and I hear you knocking.

The Silver Fox picked his way thrrough a Phil Ochs son 'There but for fourtune' and a Don McLean song I hadn't heard before which I think was called 1967. A war song.

Ted and Anne were back in the fold. Havn't seen them since July !! They played two particular faves of mine: Great North Run and Canale dans Octobre, that's Canal in October for those of you who don't speak French. They got us all singing with Leaving of   Liverpool as well.

Don was next with three excellent numbers, 'Nobodys Buisness, The Blues don't dry (best song title of the evening) and Happy doing nothing.

GT was next and amongst others we had 'Up Town Girl' and Le Mer all delivered in GT's inimitiable style.

Pluto Swint's Rubber band filed on the stage and gave there most enjoyable full on sound with a very fast mandolin break by Aidan at one point. We had a bit of Eagles , Lonnie Donnigan and Heartache tonight.

Next we had a Lime Meadow Virgin who was Anita who gave us two really good songs, 'Feet of a Dancer, and I need you to be there. She was more than ably backed by Ron. Hope  you'll come again Anita.

Charley then joined Ron on the stage  and gave us one of his own, 'Memories of a Few, as well as Georgia on My Mind again backed sympatheically by Ron on guitar and Harmonica.

The Bard of Beddington was next and he sung abouta poy, an old bike and a lonley bloke with lashings of wit and pathos.

Dean was next lulled us with 'Haul of Souls' and'Wyoming I do declare'. Good stuff Dean.

By way of contrast we had Paul with his Glam Rock theme. We had 'Teenage Rampage' Devilgate drive and Tiger Feet wwhich got us all rolling in the aisles.

On came our resident Lancastrian and with others gave us the thoughtful 'New Arrivals' and Veterans Day in the way only Stefan can deliver.

I finished off the proceedings with 'Whre have all the flowers gone with fellow guitarists playng along in the audience.

We finished with an impromtu sing along of oldies but goldies.

Self Penners tonight were:



The Bard


Don't forget it's Acoustic night next session. We all sit in a circle and play our stuff without PA.

Diamond Neil will be on his Hols.

Thanks again for coming !!