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Club Night 21/11/18

November 22, 2018

Welcome one all to this short and sweet blog. We had an acoustic evening, plain acoustic sound, no bells and whistles. As on previous evenings we sat round in a large circle and just went round and round till 11o'clock. Some really good music tonight. Everyone seemed in good spirits despite the intermittent failure of the heating system making it a less than modest temperature. The graveyard slot wqs decided by the spinning bottle which pointed ominously to Don.

Quirky song of the evening was Paul who gave us the Laughing Gnome, yes theLaughing Gnome no less. A healthy debate ensued to whether David Bowie wrote it or was it Anthony Newley. It was David Bowie Google informed us but in the style of Anthony Newley. A one all draw me thinks.. Alas no self penners tonight. But the players were: Chris Don Geoff, Paul, Polly, Ted &Anne, Shy Eddie, Silver Fox, GT, Aidan minus Vicky, Dave, Trevor

I enjoyed myself, I hope the others did as well. We will do another in the future. A bit warmer I hope!!!

See you all in two weeks. Neil and Sandy will be back with us for a regular Lime Meadow evening,