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Club Night 19/12/18

December 20, 2018

Welcome one and all to the blog. Another good evening me thinks. Over forty of us including 17 paticipants. Mince pies, general good fun and banter were had by all.

Here's an overview of what occured:

I languished in the Graveyard Slot  and slipped in a cheerless little number called 'Louise'

Shy Eddie was next along with some tasty little lead runs. We had 'Winter Wonderland' and Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree.

Polly plus Autoharp were next and Polly gave us, 'Make me believe' 'I never will Marry' the plaintive 'I Live not where I love'. All good stuff.

What a treat we had in store in the shape of Trevor and his Grandaughter Ellie. They had prepared a medley of 'White Christmas' and 'All I want for Christmas is You'. Well done the pair of you !! We loved it.

Aidana minus Vicky plus me and The Bard played two Polkas joined together: Girl with the Green Dress and John Ryans Polka, really good fun to play !!

Electric Graham weilding his axe gave us 'Power of Love', 'For your Babies, and All over the world'. As usual a good eclectic selection of songs.

Geoff followed and gave us a brace of Johnny Cash songs with some dodgy trumpet on Ring of fire by Paul. Geoff finished with 'Mistletoe and Wine' an old Riff Pilchard' song.

GT was up on the stage next who gave us the seasonal 'Most wonderful time of the year, I'm Missing You and the enigmatically titled song ' When all you've got is a hammer'.

Pluto Swint's Rubber Band were next up for it, amongst a swathe of jack leads and launched into 'Hanging round the Mistletoe and blow me I missed the title of the third. I'm sure Pluto will remind me.

The Silver Fox was among the chickens with, 'Sunday Morning Sidewalk' 'Girl' and blow me again missed the title of the third. It was nicely picked though.

Don was next with two guitars. He gave us one of his own called 'Close your Eyes'. Then from a single act Don morphed into a duo when Jackie came up and sung another Don song 'Take me to the Cleaners' and what a good job she made of it !! Don finished with  'Santa Claus is coming to town, (Not one of his I don't think.) Come back soon Jackie!!

Next was 'Our Stefan' (insert Northern accent here) Stefan gave is 'Gypsy Friday' and Christmas in Prison' alas another lapse as I didn't get the third song. Nevertheless a good, well picked set.

The Bard was next armed with wit and pathos. We had 'Hystercal at Christmas', A poem called 'Christmas bloody Christmas' and 'Reasonably nice to me Waltz..

On came Paul without his trumpet but sporting a seriously red jumper gave us 'Been a long time' 'Dreaming' and I think it  was called 'Felice Naba Dad'. but that might not even be close.

Diamond Neil was next and got us all singing with 'It's all over now' , I saw her standing there' and of course, 'Daydream Believer'.

We had room for two more tunes so Shy Eddie gave us 'Devil Woman and GT finished us off.

Two Self Penners tonight:


The Bard

As usual thanks for your help and festive wishes. We shall return with more of the same on January 2nd 2019.


PS Alex was poor again this evening.