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Club Night 2/1/19

January 03, 2019

Welcome one and all to the blog. One or two regulars not with us but we had a healthy 30 plus including 11 acts. Sorry for the building site feel but we got round well I thought. Neil and I decided to give everyone 2 songs in each half. Slightly bold move, so sorry if a few feathers were ruffled when moving people through at a pace. It's the worst part of the MC's job to tell people  there is not enough time to go on at the end of the evening. . Here is a feel of the evening. You can get the Full English on Dave's videos.

As usual the quality was good and Diamond Neil in the Graveyard slot kicked off with' Time in a bottle'  and I joined him in 'Summertime'.

I stayed on and gave you 'Please be with me' and I 'Get a kick out of you'

Sunrise minus 1 gave us 'Hesitation Blues' . I've never heard the same words twice to this song. We also had 'Banks of the Ohio.

Geoff was next, looking anxiously over his shoulder for a trumpet !! Geoff gave us Ian Tyson's 'Four Strong Winds and 'Voya Adios my Darling' (that may be nothing like the correct spelling).

On came Polly minus autoharp plus guitar and gave us 'Bird on a Wire' and 'Happiness' minus tickling stick.

GT was ready and willing and gave us 'North to Alaska and the cracking 'Simon Smith and his amazing Dancing Bear'(the longest title of the evening).

Shy Eddie plus a dusted down old Gibson guitar gave us Dylan's 'You ain't going Nowhere' 'Singing the Blues'. Eddie was not too happy with the Gibson, so back in the loft it goes.

Stefan was next with his 'Nelson' and his guitar. 'A time for the leaving 'was a cracking song and 'The Elves have left the building' was the best title of the evening.

The Bard was next with a strong contender in the best title contest with 'Happy Christmas you old Git' and 'Hello I've stopped being a slob' All good stuff.

Pluto Swint's Rubber Band (the longest moniker of the evening) got us going with 'Black velvet band and the cracking 'Copperhead Road'. Three acoustic guitars and a mandolin, marvellous!!


Andy came up the rear with two Cindy Lauper songs, 'True Colours and 'Time after Time' Lovely voice, Tasty guitar, what more could you want?


We all had another go with two more songs, (one or two opted for one which made proceedings a little more relaxed with Geoff still haunted by the trumpet, gave us 'Where have all the Flowers gone' for a final sing song.

Only one self penner tonight (alas)

The Bard

As usual , thanks for coming and sorry it was a tad chilly at times.

See you in two weeks