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Club Night 16/1/19

January 17, 2019

Welcome one and all to the blog. A relaxing evening me thinks with 3 songs in the first half and one in the second. Well almost. We selected the players in the second half by musician bingo !! (You had to be there).

I was in the graveyard slot and kicked of with 'Isabel's Waltz'. Which was a waltz.

Nick the Slide plus new gismo followed me and played two self penned songs, 'Freeway' and 'Praise Be' followed by 'Wondering Aloud'. Jethro Tull songs are not easy to replicate but Nick made a good fist of it.

On came Don and we had 'Beginning to see the light', 'Moonshadow' and 'New Year's Resolution. A mixture of Cat Stevens and self penned numbers. Always well played.

Aiden and Vicky were next in the chair. Welcome back Vicky, who we havn't seen since the begining of December. We had 'Four Green Fields' which was about four green fields, then three jigs folowed by 'The Town I loved so well'. Good to hear Vicky's melifluous tones once again.

On came the Silver Fox armed with tunes a plenty. We had 'When you were Sweet 16' ably accompanied by Aiden on banjo. And of course we had the ubiquitous Ralph McTell number, 'Let me down Easy'  (a fave of mine). Keith finished off with 'Mr Bojangles' with a tasty syncopated guitar style.

GT was next who's theme was that that all his songs were written by himself but stolen by someone else. We had 'Some days are Diamonds', First time ever i saw your face' and 'Rio'. Sue them Tony I would !!

Charlie and Ron were next up for it and gave us 'Autumn Leaves' Last Years Summer Wine' and 'No side of my Beauty'. Lovely harmonica and Banjo playing by Ron, (Not at the same time).

Not one but two Lime Meadow Virgins in the formation. of a duo I give you Len and Owen . We had 'The Journey, 'My Diane' i(t was Diane's birthday) and one I missed the title of. A good debut lads, come again please.

Stefan was next under the limelight and we had John Hartford, I missed the next and Stefan finished with 'Custer' all deliverd in Stefan's own inimitable style.

Geoff plus new guitar (lovely tone) gave us 'Spanish Harlem', 'Four Walls' (about four walls as opposed to fields) and 'World Without Love' All good stuff and lashings of nostalgia.

Pluto Swint's Rubber Band' were next surrounded by a plethora of instruments , music stands and various Gizmos. Very sing along tonight and we had a fave of Diane's 'Red Rose Cafe' followed by Down to the Honky Tonk' Apologies I missed the titles of the last two numbers as I thought Neil had written them down !!

We had a few more numbers by various players and Geoff finished the evening with 'If I had a Hammer'

We had four self penned performers tonight !1





I mentioned we are getting a few concerts together for later in the year, bur getting the venue and artiste to match up is never easy.

Any errors in the blog please feel free to amend at the end of the blog.

Thanks for all your help and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE

See you in two weeks