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Club Night 10th April 19

April 12, 2019

Welcome one and all to the blog. A good night was to be had with a good crowd and plenty of musicians as well as Alex. Here is a flavour of the evening. The whole shooting match  can be seen on the website with Dave's most excellent videos.

I was in the Graveyard slot and gave my Baritone guitar an airing and played. 'If not for you'

Good to see Long Song Doug at the club again. It's been a year since we last saw him. Doug's first song was 'You'll never leave Harlen alive,

Shy Eddie was next with yet anothe guitar and launched into Black Velvet Band which got us all in the singing mood. My Babe was also a belter.

Don gave us 16 Tons and Too Tired. Always a treat.

 Aidan and Vicky were in fine fettle and gave us 'Tequilla Talking' (first song with Tequilla in the title). We then had a tasty medley which featured a Hornpipe a Reel and a Jig, but you all knew that didn't you ?

Up crept the Silve Fox with 'Kisses Sweeter than Wine' and we were Ralphed with 'From Here to Clare'

Stefan was in fine picking form. I don't ever remember hearing Stefan strum. His first was a dour song from Newcastle called 'Taking on Men'. Missed your second Stefan, sorry.

GT was next up and gave us 'Proud Mary' (liked the guitar on that one and Suddenly was his next.

Paul was next armed with his nylon stringed guitar and loud shirt. It could have been the other way round. Paul sang 'You go to my head' and 'When I fall in love' which Paul dedicated to his Mum who had recently passed away. A sad moment.

Pluto Swint were next and gave us the second Tequilla song. Yes of course it was Tequilla Sunrise. We then had a good ols sing to 'Banks of the Ohio'. Nat West and Barclays I believe.

Geoff was next up for it and myself and Diamond Neil joined him to add harmonies to 'Your my best friend'. Most enjoyable.

Sunrise were full of solar activity and gave us 'Listen to the Rhythm of the falling rain' and the infectious sing a long 'Country Roads'

Electric but tonight acoustic Graham gave us r sing along in the shape of 'Sit Down'. See Daev's video for the second.

The Bard of Beddington was in good form and gave us songs about 'Charlies Van and Middle age, all in his own inimitiable style.

Our last and certainly least spot of the first half was a Lime Meadow Virgin in the shape of Gary. He gave a really credible version 'Beeswing' and was joined by Shy Eddie to give 'Black Velvet band'. Gary is a boxing instructor, so I would just like to say how excellent you were.

We went round a second time until the witching hour was upon us.

Self Penner tonight was:

The Bard

Don't forget our two concerts:

Sunja:y Friday 21st June 19

Two Coats Colder Friday 25th October 19

Neil and I hope you will all come and bring a friend as well. Tickets are a modest £5.

In the not too distant future we will have another get together for a drink and a chat. Will let you know soon.

Thanks for all your help at the end of the evening and a big thanks to Hot Dog Julie for picking up the Bard on his way to the club he was late cos' the bus broke down. I also saw Julie loaded with empty glass keeping our Barman happy. I must add, the numerous glasses weren't all Julies.

See you in two weeks