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Club Night 9th September 19

October 11, 2019

Welcome to the blog. Hope you all enjoyed the evening. I did. We had12 artistes tonight all with something different to contribute. Here's an overview of what occurred.

I was in the Graveyard slot and whisked through a John Sebastian song called 'She's a Lady'. 

Les, who is usually on at the arse end of the evening was next and gave his usual fine rendering of three of his own songs. I liked the title 'Love rival number 9'

Geoff was next and gave us what I call the noise song , can't remeber it's proper name. Geoff also gave us 'Let it be me'.

Up dawned Sunrise who I put on early so  they coud meet the RAC as they copped a puncture in the carpark. Fortunately the tyre was only flat at the bottom. They gave us Streets of London and Fernado.

Up came Paul plus shirt and Kicked off with 'I'll be your Hero and the he played one of GT's own compositions and very well did he play it.

Electric Graham was next on the boards and slipped in an oldie but goldie, Reflections of my Life by Marmalade. Peggy Sue was a good foot tapper.

The Pluto Swint Trio were in house tonight with Dave, Stefan and Trevor who gave us 'Blue side of Lonesome and Dead Flowers. Good acoustic sound.

Rory was back to see us armed with his own material and brief anecdotes to the songs. 'Keith and Irene was a song about Keith and Irene another was called On the Streets.

Diamond Neil was next and we had a couple of Beatle songs. Very tasty picking in 'Here Comes the Sun' with tasty run down that most cock up . Neil didn't.

Shy Eddie efferveced onto the stage and of course got us all singing and playing. to me it's what the club is all about, playing along with each others songs. We had 'Sunny  Side of the Street and of course Paddy McGinty's Goat.

GT was next and done a fave of mine 'Picture of You' as well as Love Letters. Excellent as ever.

We had a few more songs and Geoff finished the evening for us from the floor with 'Where have all the Flowers Gone? again getting us all singing and playing.

And that was it.

Self Penned:




GT (played by Paul)


Thanks for coming and don't forget the tickets (a modest fiver) for the 'Two oats colder ' concert on October 25th.