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Club Night 20th November

November 21, 2019

Welcome one and all to the blog. 13 acts and 16 musicians tonight and some pretty good stuff was to be heard. Here's an overview of the evening.

Diamond Neil was in the graveyard slot tonight and kicked off proceedings with a Jim Croce song (not the last of the evening I may add. There was also  'If you could read my mind ' later on..

Paul fizzed onto the stage and promptly sat down and performed cross legged, magic. He gave us Marc Bolan as a theme, all the earlier acoustic stuff. It really wets my lettuce. We had Cosmic Dancer, Life's a Gas, and Deborah.

Geoff was next up and I missed the titles of some of the songs but ther was a bit of John Denver and 'I don't know why I love you but I do.

Good to see Don with his wonderfully picked tunes. He gave us a few old standards, Louis Collins, Sweet Georgia Brown and Make me a pallet on the floor. Excellent stuff.

Nick the Slide was with us but was slideless tonight. Human Canonball was first, new to me, but a good song, Fisherman's dream was next followed by Seems like a long time.

Les woz 'ere with some of his own stuff and others. Keep your head above the water was first then How wrong can you be ? finishing with Big Boss Man. Liked the hat Les.

Ted and Anne returned to the fold. We had Great North Run/Le Canale in Octobre. Luckily I speak French and can translate that for you to Canal in October. Next was the venerable 'Lord Franklin'.

The Silver Fox kicked off with the most excellent Mr Bojangles followed by the other Jim Croce song 'Have to say I love you in a song. Today was the Fox's last number.

I was next and picked my way through 'When will I be loved with Isobel's Waltz tagged on the end and finished with an old fave 'Buckets of Rain,(played better than Alex).

The Pluto Swint Trio were next. They gave us 'Where have the Hobos Gone, When the Roses Bloom again and The Murphies ??.  Trevor sneaking in a few tasty licks as well.

The Bard of Beddington was with us with his excellent observational songs. He gave a nostalgic 'What's for Supper? and What the hell do you want know? I joined The Bard do do 'Ain't Misbehavin'

Shy Eddie was with us plus harmonica and brace. We had a bit of authentic Dylan with 'It ain't me Babe followed by San Francisco Bay and Green Door with some tasty lead licks from Eddie.

Graham came up the rear so to speak and we had NIne Inch Nails,Shine Son and a commendable Band on the Run.

Diamond Neil finished off the proceedings and that was it.

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See you in two weeks !!