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Club Night January 6th 2020

January 09, 2020

Welcome to the blog. Good to see so many of you for our first club night of this new year. We had 13 acts and 16 performers. Sorry we didn't have GT performing due to dodgy lurgy. Here's an overview of the evening.

I was in the graveyard slot and gave you Airport song and old fave of mine..

Electric Graham was next with Santana and Dr Hook in his set.

Richard was with us again and gave us Around and Around, a John Denver song I had not heard before and another song called all about Eve.

A Lime Meadow Virgin in the shape of Curtis was next. He gave us The Bramble Bush and No regrets.

The Silver Fox stealthed on to the stage and picked his way to glory with a folk club anthem Streets of London followed by West 4th Street in July about Bob Dylan. Hadn't heard this one before.

Up came Diamond Neil who gave us the old Everly's song 'Crying in the Rain'. Heart of New York was next and very good it was too.

The Bard of Beddington was next with his self penned gems including Alan's song. I joined the Bard for an instrumental 'Rosehip' written by Ric Saunders of Fairport Convention.

Up came Geoff and we all sang along to Greenback Dollar, which was the first song Geoff sang in public I think. I'd be lost without you was another Geoff gave us.

Les was next with his very good self penned songs. New Year Sales was one of these and followed by Wing and a Prayer which I felt was excellent.

Shy Eddie gave us Hard Time, and Devil Woman with some tasty guitar.

Charlie and Ronnie were next and as usual a polished performance. Summertime was a treat with some haunting harmonica by Ronnie. Charlie always shows us what a good songwriter he is.

Paul plus theme was next. With the theme being Rod Stewart. Georgie was first and I don't want to talk about were two on offer.

Last but not least were Pluto Swint. Who  rounded the evening off with a songs about Santa and a banjo and Cowboys in Rochdale. All good stuff.

Self Penned



The Bard

Shy Eddie (added a few of his own verses)

Thanks to you all for coming and for your help at the end.

Don't forget next club night is JANUARY 29th and then FEBRUARY 5th. Then the usual every two weeks.