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Club Night 29th Jan 20

January 30, 2020

Welcome to the blog. Bit of a rush to start tonight as Diamond Neil was unwell so it was up to Sandy and I (mostly Sandy and Neil on the phone ) to set up. 

All was well so I kicked off in the graveyard slot with 'Green are your eyes' a Bert Jansch gem.

Aidan and Vicky followed with some new material and very good it was too. We had Pleasant and Delightful, a few rigs and jeels and I'm on my way. Good to hear Aidan singing harmonies.

Geoff was next with I don't know why I love you, Rain Rain go Away, and The Baladeer. Geoff also gave us a brief  history as a touring musician.

Up came Curtis with Tar and Cement, the oddly titled Bim Bombay, and a hangover song, Sunday Morning coming down.

We hard a new Bard in the shape of Duncan who gave us two poems. One was untitled and the other was written by a mate called 'Ravenesque'. Excellent, bit of good poetry always welcome.

Pluto Swint were next with Blue eyes crying in the rain, a Waylon Jennings song and Wagon Wheels with Dave on the fiddle. Good to hear a fiddle at Lime Meadow, hope it continues. Aidan and Alex joined them on stage for old times sake.

Alex stayed on and done a mediocre three songs: Lights on the Hill, Why worry, and The Girl I used to know. As I say not bad, just in tune, could do better. Good to see you Alex !!

Richard was with us again and gave us  Kate Rusby,  Leo Sawyer and Alison Krauss, all good stuff.

Two thirds of Sunrise were next and a new acoustic bass guitar which sounded very good. We had Cheatin' heart, Wind beneath my wings. and te jaunty 'Has aybody seen my gal?'  with Bryn on Guitar Ukelele.

Paul was with us who gave us Strange, and Me and you together song,. Sorry I didn't catch the third song. Thanks for the food Paul and Happy Birthday again to your partner.

Up came the Silver Fox with three Dylan songs. (can't go wrong there can you?) We had make you feel my love, Don't think Twice, and I want You. Good stuff !!

At last GT was was back in the fold. Voice back to their golden hue.. We had The most beautiful girl in the world, Make it with you and Coming back to you. Good to have you back mate !!

We had time for one more and Alex done his best.

Alas no self penned tonight.

Once again thanks for your help in clearing up and lets hope Neil recovers.

Don't forget we are here NEXT WEEK 5TH FEB

See you next week