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Club Night 5th Feb 20

February 06, 2020

Welcome to the blog. Good to see you all after only a week. It was a good night. Probably because Alex wasn't there !! 

Diamond Neil was in the graveyard slot tonight having almost recovered from the lurgy. Lovers Cross was his song by Jim Croce.

Up came the Silver Fox and after a few false starts got into his stride and we had Girl, Miss You Nights. (For a long time I thought that was Miss Unites !). The Fox finished with Empty Chair.

A full compliment of Sunrise were next with Hotel California , Nicky Blue, and Honey. Last two were written by Bryn.

Curtis was next up for it and gave us Come Monday, Me and you and a dog named Blue and Teenage heaven.

Good to see Polly who gave us, as usual, thoughtful songs. Once in a very Blue Moon, Green Eyes, To make you feel my Love. Lovely.

Richard was next and gave us a Don McLean, Fare Thee Well and Catch the Wind. 

GT was next and gave us One Night at Home,  Besame Mucho. GT had to retire hurt as he was getting a tad throaty.

Up came Geoff with My Darling I won't forget you, Aint it funny how the time slips away, and My mother's Eyes, all good stuff.

A temporary Dynamic Duo in the shape of Paul and Myself, my guitar battery let me down but Gt kindly lent me his axe(and very good it was too). We seamlessy joined, Peple get ready, Up on the roof, andLove is all around. Really enjoyed doing this with Paul.

The Pluto Swint Trio were in the groove and we had Missing, Jukebox, I missed the third, and they finished with a rousing 'The Night they drove old Dixie Down'.

IThere was plenty of time for another song each so we went around again. Always nice when we can do that.

Self Penned:


Numbers are getting less on self penned songs so please, if you've got your own material bring it along.

Thanks for coming and helpint to clear up as usual.

See you in two weeks.