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Club Night 21st June 17

June 22, 2017

As per usual a humid welcome to the blog. A decent sized crowd considering the heat.We also had a fair frosting of players to boot. We mostly got four songs due to the speed of change over (thankyou) and playing good tight songs, again thank you. I won't list all the songs just the highlights as Vidal used to say. He sang in a barber shop quartet.

Neil had the graveyard spot and gave us Peacful easy feeling with carsick in tow and then on his own he played "Don't think twice, its alright."

I graced the second spot and attempted one of my own called 'Angela' nice tune but a hang nail hindered my usual flawless virtuoso performance.

Geoff the Kiwi was back in the fold, dodgy knee on the mend. Particularly enjoyed 24 hours from Tulse Hill. Special Angel was new to me.

Up slunk the Silver Fox and as ever treated us to some picking with pathos and we heard a gentle Kathy's song and 'I want You'.

Helen and Nick were next. 'To make you feel my love was a cracker as ever  and 'Somewhere over the rainbow' brought tears to my eyes. In a good way I must add.

Vaidan and Icky were as ever full of foot tapping stuff. We had some new jigs from Aidan and Vicky doing her Noddy Holder impression (successfully) with 'Far Far Away. Needed the Mutton Chop whiskers though.

Graham as usual came up with a different clutch of songs. Chasing cars was one of them. Very good version of Reason to believe too.

Up the order this evening came S&M. Summertime done it for me. Michelle really gave it some and done justice to an exellent song. Stand by me gave Neil and I a chance to add some acoustic backing with Herbie doing something with a twisty shaky thing from the floor.

On came the dynamic duo, Banjo and Keychange. Good set lads. Storms that Pass was one of the songs and 'Digging up Bones was another. Yes there was a keychange. Wouldn't have slept if there hadn't been.

White vested and guitar in hand Hebie was on fire tonight. The unusal choice of 'If only I had a Brain' went down a treat as did 'Like a rolling Stone'. Picking particulary well tonight Herbie.

The Bard of Beddington was our next offering with songs about shopping, cats and dogs and bells. All good stuff.

GT was next, minus the specs. Seriously entertaining as usual with a dash of Glen Campbell and touch of Bonnie and Clyde among others. The house was buzzing. Nice one GT.

Andy and Neil finished with a self penned song by Andy, 'Tell me that You Love me'. Good song writer is our Andy, should do a few more.

That was that. Good evening as usual and we got out with time to spare !!

Self Penners tonight were :




See you all in two weeks.

Colonol Seventh